3103-3112 - Mercedes O405 (olande)

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3103-3112 - Mercedes O405 (olande)

Postby olandese » Sun 27 April 2014; 13:14


Sorry that I type this message in English, I can't read or write Italian. But with some help of "Google Translate" I found this forum.

Some busses of the 3103-3112 are offered currently for sale (3103, 3105, 3107, 3111 and 3112) (bus 3108 is already sold?). I spotted the busses and recognized them from my hometown.

This busses are a part of 40 busses that are bought in 1996 by the HTM in the Hague (Holland). They were numbered as 801-840. In 2007 and 2008 they were sold and 16 pieces went to Bacau. Now I know 10 went to Milano.

One bus (number 840) is kept in The Hague as a museum vehicle;

(http://www.haagsbusmuseum.com/wagenpark/840/index.htm (sorry in Dutch, but you can try Google Translate :) )

I'm very interested if someone has chassis numbers of the 3103-3112 so we can complete the history of the busses?

Greetings from Holland!
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Re: 3103-3112 - Mercedes O405 (olande)

Postby Cristian1989 » Sun 27 April 2014; 13:46

Chi vive moderno sale sul bus (Notturno Bus, 2007)
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Re: 3103-3112 - Mercedes O405 (olande)

Postby olandese » Sun 27 April 2014; 15:19

Hello Christian,

These are indeed the buses that I meant.

I have received the chassisnumbers of this busses and was able to make the following matches;

3103 (ex HTM 817)
3104 (ex HTM 821)
3105 (ex HTM 807)
3106 (ex HTM 806)
3107 (ex HTM 824)
3108 (ex HTM 831)
3109 (ex HTM 812)
3110 (ex HTM 822)
3111 (ex HTM 814)
3112 (ex HTM 811)

I will search some photo's of the busses (I made them on slides in that period) in "Den Haag" (Netherlands for "The Hague").

Greetings from Holland

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Re: 3103-3112 - Mercedes O405 (olande)

Postby skeggia65 » Sun 27 April 2014; 22:48

Nice driving style, in Den Haag! Do you have some kind of bus race championship? :D :wink:
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Re: 3103-3112 - Mercedes O405 (olande)

Postby olandese » Thu 01 May 2014; 18:49

This type of bus was very quick (in comparison with the other types of busses) in The Hague. The drivers had a lot of fun with the Mercedes busses :)

Does someone knows if the busses 3104, 3106, 3109 and 3110 are still in service at Brianza Trasporti?
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Re: 3103-3112 - Mercedes O405 (olande)

Postby Il Boss705 » Thu 01 May 2014; 20:55

^^ Hello Olandese :wink:

These buses were purchased in 2007 by all Autoguidovie, which assigned them for Lot 2 to the subgroup "Brianza Transport", for service in the surroundings of Monza & Brianza. They were all purchased from the circuit Evobus, and repainted in blue Ministerial (color extended for intercity and suburban both in Lombardy in Italy).

Are means that have had a second life in Italy, and even if they gave still used a lot, like all the other O405 that were present in this park which ultimately means buying only the group EVOBUS-Mercedes.

Currently serving there are only freshmen 3109 & 3110, seconded to the filing of Paderno Dugnano, observed (and photographed) in service in February on the local lines in the country, and the line-Z229 Paderno Dugnano Sesto S. Giovanni Stat. FS, I also was reported that the 3104 might still be alive, but I'm afraid it aside because I have not seen her around.

The other cars were given all in for a possible resale (including parts replacement), the intermediary BascoBus Olgiate Comasco (Como):

Placed under the data frame, and ritargature cars occurred at the time of purchase Autoguidovie:

3103 (ex HTM 817) -> WDB61240213082177 (DM 841 EY)
3104 (ex HTM 821) -> WDB61240213082179 (DM 834 EY)
3105 (ex HTM 807) -> WDB61240213082184 (DM 842 EY)
3106 (ex HTM 806) -> WDB61240213082186 (DM 836 EY)
3107 (ex HTM 824) -> WDB61240213082325 (DM 837 EY)
3108 (ex HTM 831) -> WDB61240213082332 (DM 840 EY)
3109 (ex HTM 812) -> WDB61240213082334 (DM 835 EY)
3110 (ex HTM 822) -> WDB61240213082342 (DM 833 EY)
3111 (ex HTM 814) -> WDB61240213082352 (DM 839 EY)
3112 (ex HTM 811) -> WDB61240213082381 (DM 838 EY)

If you have any more questions ask away.

Many greetings from Italy, and Milan.
Il Boss705
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